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Micro-heat regeneration and drying device

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Micro-thermal regenerative adsorption dryer

1. Energy saving

2. Low pressure loss

3. Easy installation

Micro-thermal regenerative adsorption dryer is a super efficient and small gas consumption device designed on the basis of non-thermal regenerative drying and the addition of regenerative dryer.The principle of high pressure adsorption and low pressure micro-heating desorption is adopted.When an adsorption tower (working tower) at high pressure adsorption of water, another adsorption tower (regeneration tower) at low pressure micro heating desorption, dry air out of the tower is about: 6-10% of the regeneration tower purification regeneration, and then according to the microcomputer set process time cycle switch program.


1. The purification device adopts the international advanced technology and process and design of a super efficient micro thermal regeneration product

2. The regenerated gas volume and working time cycle can be adjusted according to the change of working conditions and seasons, which has the significance of energy saving

3. Low regeneration gas consumption: 6-10%

4.50Nm3/min above the use of additional air suction regeneration, save gas, especially energy saving

Above 5.100Nm3/min, additional blower is used for regeneration, saving gas and especially energy saving

6. Low pressure loss ≤0.01Mpa

7. Special regeneration noise elimination system, noise ≤72dB

8. Electrical insulation: IP55

9. Adopt imported famous brand switching valve, stable and reliable switching

Advanced PID temperature control device

Adopt microcomputer full intelligent automatic control

12. Installation is simple and convenient without embedded foundation

Main technical parameters:

Rated working pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

Intake temperature: ≤38℃

Rated capacity Regeneration consumption: 4%-10% (mainframe with air replenishment regeneration or additional regeneration with blower)

Pressure drop: ≤ 0.01MPa

Adsorbent: mainly molecular sieves

Finished gas pressure dew point ℃ : -40℃ (optional ultra-low dew point, such as dew point ≤-80℃)

Working cycle and control mode: 8 hour cycle microcomputer automatic switching continuous work

Power supply: 380V/ 50Hz (optional 110V/220V/ 60Hz)

Installation: Small and medium-sized size equipment without cement prefabricated foundation, room temperature installation

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