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Rongsheng Solid-phase Adhesive PET

Rongzheng solid phase viscosity synthesis of physical and chemical methods of the characteristics of the molten state through ultra-clean filtration to remove impurities in PET particles, macromolecular groups, and other plastics, so that the particles to achieve a true sense of purity, change the particles can be re-industrial filament and civil filament field.Adhesifying equipment can produce high viscosity PET particles, the characteristic viscosity can reach more than 1.0, the product can be used in the field of industrial packaging, production, production of steel belt, cord cloth and other products.The equipment uses all kinds of recycled PET as raw materials, and produces high-viscosity PET particles through condensation polymerization, which greatly reduces the production cost and can reduce energy consumption for enterprises to save costs and improve enterprise benefits. At the same time, the use of recycled materials can greatly reduce the impact on the environment and also has better application in environmental protection.


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