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Drum-drying (viscosifying) equipment

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Working principle:

Within the machine for tanks, jacketed can connect into steam or heat conducting oil, the bravery inside heating, heat through the tank is passed to the wet material, make the water in the wet material of gasification, low-speed motor drives the rotation of tank, the material continuously up and down, turn inside and outside, replacement of heating surface, at the same time, the water vapor by pumping vacuum tube by continual vacuum pump away, sped up the material drying rate, eventually achieve the goal of dry evenly.

Main uses:

This machine is suitable for dehumidification and drying of heat sensitive, low temperature powder and granular materials in chemical fiber industry.


Because of the vacuum drying, it has a higher rate at a lower temperature, 2 times higher than the general drying speed, energy saving, high heat utilization rate, especially suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials and easily oxidized materials.

Closed dry, no leakage, no pollution, suitable for strong stimulation, toxic materials drying.

The material is mixed and dried in rotation, which can dry the material to very low water content, and the uniformity is good, suitable for different material requirements.

The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, easy operation, reducing labor intensity and saving labor.

Relevant Instructions:

1. Inside and outside (except jacket and support skeleton A3 steel) all stainless steel.2. Stainless steel inner shell, A3 spray paint.3. A3 inside and outside.

Load coefficient: usually according to the total volume of 50%-70%, specific according to the specific gravity of the material.

Heat source: steam, heat conduction oil

Working pressure: inner tank: 0.09~0.096Mpa, jacket ≤ 0.3Mpa.

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