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FBM polyester is dry

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Product use:

FBM series continuous drier is mainly used for drying polyester slices in the spinning process.

In the process of polyester spinning, in order to avoid the degradation of polyester slices containing water in the process of high temperature melting, polymer macromolecules break, resulting in high spinning break rate, affect the qualified rate and other problems.Therefore, the water content in the slice must be reduced before spinning, but the water content in the slice of the general stacked warehouse is about 2000PPM. For high-speed spinning and fine denier, the water content in the slice is below 20-30ppm. This series of dryer is designed to meet the above requirements.

This product molecular sieve dehumidification device and the main detection instrument (such as: dew point meter, temperature controller, material level meter, programmable controller, etc.) are used in the international famous brand products.We adopt the most scientific and reasonable scheme in the structural design of the precrystallization bed and drying tower, and have surpassed the domestic and international similar products in terms of performance and quality index.

Product features:

★ The use of boiling type pre-crystallizer, in the boiling process can be sliced original powder completely removed.

★ The boiling mold adopts the latest design, can adjust the air volume of each part and crystallization time arbitrarily, so it will not produce caking phenomenon, can make the slice flow evenly in the mold, so as to achieve the most ideal crystallization effect.

★ There is no dead Angle in the drying tower, so as to ensure that the slice drops evenly, forming the plunger flow. The bottom of the tower is also equipped with a slice shunting device, which can be arbitrarily connected to several feeding pipes without blocking material.

Equipment adopts programmable controller automatic control, material layer height, heating temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily, do not need special person operation.

The equipment has high energy utilization rate and obvious energy saving effect. In order to save energy consumption and reduce bottom cost, the equipment adopts closed gas circulation design, which can effectively recycle all dry air and recycle crystalline air, so the energy consumption under normal operation state is less than 50% of installed capacity.


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