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FBM fluidized bed drying

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It is especially suitable for drying PET slices

It is composed of pulsating crystallization system, drying tower system, molecular sieve dehumidifier, electrical PLC(or DCS) control, etc

In the feeding area of the crystallizing bed, an agitator and a retaining net distribution device can be used to dry the water-soluble slices and low melting point slices that are easy to bond.

Can be dried: PET, COPET, PTT, PBT, PPS, PPL, PP, PE and other slices, blocks, etc.

Typical applications: chemical fiber filament POY, FDY, staple fiber PSF, non-woven fabrics, film BOPET, BOPA, BOPP, engineering plastics and other industries.

Output: 50kgh~ 5th

Moisture content: according to the process requirements, the minimum up to 15ppm

Dry air dew point: ≤-80℃

Reference ton energy consumption: 75KWht~95KWht (depending on the size of the user's device)

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