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Tilt Vacuum Dryer (RSVC)

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Tilt Vacuum Dryer (RSVC)

It is especially suitable for drying PET, PA6 and other low yield raw materials

It is composed of rotating drum body, support, transmission reducer, separation barrel, etc

This is an intermittent batch dryer, heating can be heated by heat conducting oil or steam, using vacuum to remove the water of the raw material.

Can be dried: PET, PA6, PA66, PTT, PBT, PPS, PPL, PP, PE, PC, TiO2, aramide powder and other slices, slices, blocks, low melting point slices, powder, etc.

Typical applications: chemical fiber filament POY, FDY, staple fiber PSF, non-woven fabric, film film BOPET, BOPA, BOPP, engineering plastics and other industries.

Output: 50kg/ batch ~15t/ batch

Moisture content: according to user requirements, up to 20ppm

Reference ton energy consumption: 150kWh /t~ 220kWh /t (depending on the size of the user's device)

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