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Low melting point drum drying

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Vacuum drum drying consists of: drum reactor, heat conduction oil heating and cooling system, vacuum system, electrical PLC(or DCS) control and so on.And optional: automatic feeding and conveying, pre-crystallization system in front of the kettle, automatic discharging and conveying, raw material dust screening, nitrogen protection, etc.

Vacuum drum drying can be according to the user's output and the characteristics of the variety, can adopt a single kettle process, all crystallization and reaction are completed in the drum reactor, save investment, occupy less area, flexible variety replacement.

If the outside crystallization system is selected, the time occupied by the raw material in the drum reactor can be saved and the production output can be increased.

Vacuum drum drying does not need nitrogen protection in the whole process of solid condensation, which is convenient for users and energy saving.

And does not add any chemical solvents and additives, environmental protection significance.

Adhesive: new material PET, recycled material PET, PA6, PA66, PTT, PBT, PPS, PPL, PP, PE and other sections.

Typical applications: chemical fiber industry filament, BCF, bottle packaging, special monofilament or composite fiber, special staple fiber, non-woven fabric, film film, engineering plastics, etc.

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